At La Trobe Soccer Club (LUSC), we have a wide range of teams for players of all levels of experience and abilities. We describe these groups as Performance and Social Teams, though there is some overlap!

On Tuesday and Thursday, our Men's Performance Teams, known as M1, M2, M3 and M4 train together, in preparation for matches on Saturday and Sunday.


Our Women's Performance and Social Teams, known as W1 and W2, also train on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Both teams train at the same time. Both teams play on Sunday. 


On Wednesdays, our Social Men's Teams, known as M5 and M6 train together, preparing for  Sunday matches.

For all teams, training session timings are as follows:

Arrival: 6:40pm

Start: 7:00pm

Finish: 8:30pm

Players should arrive at the LUSC Clubhouse (search Lower Playing Fields Pavilion on Google Maps).

Please complete this registration survey to receive updates from LUSC coaches.

Pre-Season (2020) 

Preseason training for our Men's Performance Teams (M1, M2, M3, M4) starts on Tuesday January 28, 2020.

Preseason training for our Men's Social Teams (M5 and M6starts on Wednesday February 19, 2020.

Preseason training for our Women's Performance  and Social Teams (W1 and W2starts on Thursday January 30, 2020.

Men's Seniors (M1) & Reserves (M2) - Performance
State League 4 North-West

Club Technical Director and Seniors (M1) Coach: Stef Busso

Assistant Seniors (M1) Coach: Jack Aldis

Reserves (M2) Coach​: Laurie Renda

Club Osteo and Seniors (M1)/Reserves (M2) Team Manager: Justin Johnson

Women's State 2 Team (W1) - Performance
State League 4 North-West

Head Coach: Kristian Lipiarski

Women's State 4 Team (W2) - Social
State League 4 North-West

Head Coach: John Dell'Aquilla

Men's Thirds (M3) - Performance
Metropolitan League 3 North-West

Head Coach: TBC

Men's Fourths (M4) - Performance
Metropolitan League 8 North-West

Head Coach: Arpad Mihaly


This is a new team that was established in 2019 which is made up of players who are capable of playing in a performance team.

Men's Fifths (M5) - Social
Metropolitan League 5 North-West

Head Coach: Gianni Cannata


This is a new team that was established in 2019.

Men's Sixths (M6) - Social
Metropolitan League 10 North-West

Head Coach: TBC


This is a new team that was established in 2019 which is primarily made up of La Trobe University students. 

Old Boys
Masters Over 35s

Head Coach: Matt Carmichael

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